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          The breath of the Spring Festival
          http://www.tyxlkj.com  2019/2/20 16:24:27  bit:518

          The breath of the Spring Festival gradually dissipated, cotton people gradually returned to work, cotton market in the sound of firecrackers quietly recovered. It is understood that although most of the cotton-related enterprises have been opened, most sales staff have not yet opened.
          The Xinjiang Statistics Bureau has learned that Xinjiang's cotton output reached 5.111 million tons in 2018/19, an increase of 11.9 % over the previous year, accounting for 83.8 % of the country's total, an increase of 7.3 percentage points over the previous year, of which the Xinjiang XPCC's cotton output reached 2.046 500 tons, an increase of 20.7 %, a record high. Cotton production accounted for 33.5 % of the country's total, accounting for 40 % of the autonomous region. At present, the supply of domestic cotton is sufficient, indicators can fully meet the requirements of various specifications of yarn Mills, so at this stage, the number of lint cotton, indicators are not the factors that make the cotton market difficult to open this week.
          Cotton inventory backlog, can not sell because the price set too high? The lower the price for the buyer, the better, and the seller's calculation of the cost of lint is also different. It is understood that the mainstream quotation for lint and cotton in various places before and after the Spring Festival remained basically unchanged, and 3128B was basically maintained at about 15,500 yuan per ton in Xinjiang in 2018/19. As shown in Figure 1, Zhengmian's market was greatly suppressed in the first week. Zhoudu fell by 245 points, a decrease of 1.61 %, and fell below the 15000 pass in the game. The price of lint resources settled at the base price also fell by 200-300 yuan. / ton. Therefore, the author believes that the price of lint is not the main factor that causes the cotton market to be difficult to open.




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